From young I remember a hunger to work with my hands, to create, to make. 

As young as 8 years old I remember doodling in class when I probably should have been paying attention to what my teacher was showing on the blackboard. My imagination always took me places the real world did not. When I think about what it means to be an artist , its much more than an arbitrary career decision or life choice. Being an artist is very much a part of myself.  On the fine art side, it is a desire to see and create beauty, ugliness, darkness and light and to touch people through something they see; it is a powerful gift. There is something that always feels very natural about the act of creating.  In the creative environment I feel very at peace and free. 

Colour is my greatest inspiration and the creativity and colour of the Caribbean is ever inspiring.  Art making is a universal expression. My approach to being an artist has changed, and continues to change. It has grown and manifested itself in different ways throughout the years. At a young age, fascinated with drawing the clothed human form, I was dreaming of a path in fashion. Then I was introduced to the love of paint and it changed everything. Since then I have enjoyed exploring a variety of themes in my work from "the female" to "nature". My work has been whimsical, colourful, dark, macabre, spiritual and superficial. I enjoy figurative work, abstract and everything in between. My imagination, sytlization and symbolism have been my tools. It drove me to pursue a course of study in art which delved into art history and all the fascinating stories of the artists that came before me. Experiencing the New York MET,  MOMA and Guggenheim changed me; forever. I have a great respect for the artistic tradition I find myself in. Art is the voice of not one person but of the culture, of the people and of the times. This passion has made me the artist who I am today.