Holy Honour House of God Logo Design


Client: Holy Honour House of God

Description: Design a logo for the church using client's preferred colours of royal blue and red. Illustrates the concept of "God's Love".

Year: 2017


Indoor Signage Mockup.jpg

Eclectic Catering Logo

Client: Eclectic Catering

Description: Design an illustrate a logo for Eclectic Catering. The logo is meant to showcase that the food offered by the company ranges in terms of origination from all parts of the globe whilst being served and prepared in Trinidad. The concept is that you never have to leave Trinidad to experience a culinary array of what the world has to offer.

Year: 2014



CBS Business Cards

Client: Contemporary Building Systems Ltd.

Description: Design Business cards for CBS using current logo. Client requested a simple and clean card design with logo dominant. 

Year: 2015

Logo design provided by client.


Business Cardpat1.jpg

PAT Business Cards

Client: Platinum Accounting and Taxation

Description: Design minimal business cards using client provided logo design. Colour scheme follows required branding: grey, black, orange, white.

Year: 2016

Client provided logo design.



Stay to Get Away 2016 Logo

Client: The Tourism Development Company (TDC)

Description: Design a logo for the 2016 Stay to Get Away Campaign. Client requested a simple logo that reflected the nature of the campaign as a domestic tourism campaign. Logo uses a combination of nationalistic colours along with yellow and green as a complimentary pop of colour, engaging the viewers attention. The fonts used are relaxed yet engaging. 

Year: 2016